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Inspiring Books by Author (32)
Our favorite joyful resources listed alphabetically by author.

Books About Reiki (3)
How-to books on Reiki healing principles and techniques.

After-Death Communication (2)
How-to and advice on reconnecting with a loved one who has passed.

Yes, I have read each and every one of these books….
I love books and I love how the Universe brings just the right book into my life at just the right time.  Books comfort, inspire, and enrich my life.  And yes, I still buy real books because I love to see them all lined up on my bookshelves and cluttering my coffee table and bedside stand.  When one grabs my attention, I can pick it up.  When I open it, more often than not, there’s an insightful message on the page that I needed to hear at that moment.

We will continue to add to our resource section, so check back from time to time and watch for our “From the Bookshelf” articles that will offer you deeper insights into some of the books.

So whether your preference is paper, digital, or audio, enjoy a good book.